The Covering: Are you ready to lead beyond the ordinary

It was a dark night, darker than normal; so dark it made you wonder if all the stars in the heavens had just completely gone off the grid and the moon was on the far side of the earth. Their blades swinging ready at their sides gave off zero reflection, if it wasn’t for their non-rhythmic clang, that “whoosh – chic” of terror in control, the complete stealth of these warriors would go completely unnoticed.  Only on nights such as these does this army appear, a great battle is looming somewhere, somewhere men are going to be asked to make a great sacrifice, maybe not the ultimate sacrifice, but a sacrifice so great, their sweat too will appear as blood.

The men are sleeping now; hopefully they closed their eyes before the hour when a man falls prey to the haunting of the demons, those dreadful nightmares of victories lost. The army marches on, on towards the men waiting in slumber, “whoosh-chic,” the rattling of sabres. They are getting closer, the night is nearing its peak when the dark is the darkest and the cold is the coldest.  The battle is looming, it will not be denied and men will be asked to give something, something precious, something beyond what is believed to be in their grasp, something of great desire.

The four great lights pierce the darkness burning a glow across the heavens and sear the army of warriors from aft to stern.  Their blades light up the earth and heavens; suddenly, they all shift their interest toward each home of the waiting men.  The light is so intense the warrior’s shriek and howl with such great passion every star in heaven flickers a light, as if starting a fire.  The moon appears standing ablaze from the glow and the whole celestial sky awakes with purpose. What was previously unseen now appears, where the night brought only dreams, suddenly a blinding radiant hope has fixed its gaze upon the men anxiously rising for the day, the battle awaits, there will be blood.

Arise, arise from your slumber beckon the warriors as they storm upon the men, swords un-sheathed, their focus, passion, purpose and hope digs hold of every man like an eagles claws piercing the flesh.  Each man has eyes of clear focus now, he says to himself “I am awake and today is a good day to fight”.  The talons sink deeper and like a rebel cry the men let out their screams of passion and the listener becomes filled with fear.  The talons sink deeper and the mood is un-mistakable, you can smell it, the merging of spirits welding a bond, a force, the purpose is undeniable – victory or nothing.  As the men appear at the gates of battle; everyone on the hills above them senses the great and purposeful hope – each man carries upon his shoulders grit sunk deep into his flesh – Victory is ours!  Ain’t it so!